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Fort Collins Roof Restoration Experts

Roofs are, arguably, the most important component of a home. It serves to protect you and your family from inclement weather, enhances curb appeal, and can increase your home’s energy efficiency. Our professional roofing services will help give you the peace of mind that your roof is always prepared for the worst, but we’ll also be there if your old roof fails to cooperate and you need help. 

It’s imperative that you get necessary repairs done quickly. It’s easy to let it go and say you’ll do it later, but small leaks only need a bit of time to become big leaks with water damage to insulation, complete with mold and mildew. This can result in some major respiratory issues for members of the household, which is absolutely something you want to avoid. Our professional roof repair prevents water from causing damage and resulting in rot and water damage. Call our Fort Collins roof repair experts today to schedule an estimate.

High-Quality Fort Collins Roof Restoration and Repair

The aftermath of a storm that causes significant damage can often result in unqualified contractors prowling your neighborhood looking to make a quick buck. Be cautious of these sketchy storm chasers because if they screw up your work, they’re nearly impossible to track down. What you really need is a trustworthy  company with an impeccable history of excellent work to ensure you get the best roof repairs. Bencher Restoration has all of that and more.

Roof restoration in Northern Colorado can be quite an investment, so it’s important that you choose a company notorious for serving up the best materials enmeshed with expert workmanship. Our friendly customer service team works directly with homeowners, or are able to handle things for you through your insurance company. No matter what path you choose, rest assured that Bencher Restoration will handle it with professionalism and ease.

Quick, Affordable Roof Repairs

Fort Collins roofs carry the burden of 50 inches of rain, as well as tornadoes and a variety of other severe weather events each year. We’re well aware of how destructive one storm can be, and we pride ourselves on relieving some of that burden by doing quick, high-quality work. Bencher Restoration’s experienced team of roofers are well-equipped to handle any type of roof repair, ranging from a small leak to damaged shingles all the way to a roof that’s been blown apart. When you’re experiencing roof problems, Bencher Restoration is there to solve them.

Top-Rated Materials

We use only the best products for our services. This means we utilize roof shingles manufactured by the top brands, knowing they can be trusted. Our asphalt shingle choices come in a variety of colors and styles, making it simple to find the perfect match. Additionally, our high-performance roofing materials result in terrific energy efficiency AND top-of-the-line weather protection, saving you a lot of money over time. 

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Our certified and licensed team of Northern Colorado roof restoration experts are here to answer any questions and provide you with a zero-obligation estimate for you and your insurance company. Call us today to get your roof taken care of!

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